Clinical Research

Thank you for your interest in clinical research with AcuFocus. AcuFocus is dedicated to developing and delivering small aperture technologies to help patients achieve their best personal vision. Preclinical research and clinical trials are the building blocks that are essential for the development of new and innovative products.

Healthcare providers can collaborate with AcuFocus through two channels. Click on each to learn more.

AcuFocus sponsors clinical trials are aimed at evaluating a surgical intervention, often to attain FDA approval. AcuFocus designs and executes these trials to learn if a new treatment is more effective and/or less harmful than the standard treatment. The entire project is overseen and funded by AcuFocus, including investigator selection, study design (rationale, methodology, endpoints, statistics), data analysis including biostatistics, and ultimately, publication of the results. AcuFocus continually seeks the best and brightest healthcare providers to be investigators in its various clinical trials.

If you are ready to take the next step in exploring AcuFocus sponsored clinical trials, please click here and complete the Investigator Information Sheet.

IITs provide a different perspective from AcuFocus sponsored trails. An IIT is initiated by a healthcare provider who wishes to develop and sponsor a clinical trial to address an unmet scientific need. The investigator submits a research idea or study proposal to AcuFocus along with a request for product, funding, or both, from AcuFocus. The study will be considered based on its scientific merit and its alignment with the strategic goals of AcuFocus.

If you are ready to submit a study proposal for an IIT with AcuFocus, please click here and complete the Investigator Information Sheet.