Apthera IOL and YAG Certification Course

Harness The Power
Of Focused Light

The Apthera IOL is the first wavefront-filtering small aperture lens designed to help patients achieve their best personal vision.

True extended depth of focus and enhanced adaptability, free from "blurry zones"¹

Reliable results without axis alignment in eyes with as much as 1.5 D of corneal astigmatism¹

Monofocal-like binocular contrast sensitivity in bright and low light conditions¹

Enhance Vision, Naturally

Achieve excellent binocular distance with superior near and intermediate vision.1*

Wavefront-filtering technology

Filter out peripheral distorted and aberrated low optical quality (OQ™) light and deliver high OQ light to the retina, providing a seamless range of vision for patients.

Monofocal-Like Binocular Contrast Sensitivity

Customize patients’ vision with the Apthera IOL implanted in one eye and your preferred monofocal or monofocal toric IOL in the other eye. Achieve binocular monofocal-like contrast sensitivity in bright and low light conditions.

Hear What Surgeons Are Saying About The Apthera IOL

"With the IC-8 Apthera, because of the small aperture optic utilization, not only does it seamlessly stretch vision towards near, it also compromises distance vision less" Elizabeth Yeu, MD Virginia Eye Consultants
"The IC-8 Apthera advantage is you get both quantity and quality." Karl Stonecipher, MD Piedmont Eye Surgical & Laser Center
“The Apthera lens is… simple to understand, it’s simple to use, and provides a great benefit to our patients.” John Vukich, MD Summit Eye Care
“The IC-8 Apthera technology is really innovative and for the first time we have a TRUE extended depth of focus lens." Gregory Parkhurst, MD Parkhurst NuVision
“Patients with the Apthera IOL seem to be very happy after surgery. With the small aperture we are able to achieve a high range of vision and well-focused vision very quickly after surgery.” John Hovanesian, MD Harvard Eye Associates
“The Apthera IOL takes a monovision type of approach… and raises the bar by giving distance, intermediate, and near vision.” William F. Wiley, MD Cleveland Eye Clinic

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