Extending Range of Vision
Through Small Aperture Optics

Exceptional Design. Reliable Performance.

The AptheraIOL is the first small aperture lens that delivers true extended depth of focus and enhanced adaptability through its distinctive, wavefront-filtering, design.1  The Apthera IOL combines the proven principle of small aperture optics with the reliable quality of an aspheric monofocal IOL to deliver a continuous range of vision for cataract patients.

The Power of Focused Light

The embedded FilterRing™ component delivers high OQ™ (optical quality) light to the retina and filters out distorted low OQ™ light entering the eye, providing a clear, continuous range of vision. 
 Small aperture lens mitigates the reduction in visual acuity caused by unfocused peripheral or aberrated light that degrades image quality, providing patients with:

True extended depth of focus and enhanced adaptability, free from "blurry zones"¹

Reliable results without axis alignment in eyes with as much as 1.5 D of corneal astigmatism¹

Monofocal-like binocular contrast sensitivity¹

This breakthrough design offers new possibilities for patients, helping them achieve their best personal vision.

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